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Welcome to each of our classes and in particular, the Class of 2025, which joined us in late August.

Although the pandemic continues to impact our activities this year, we have established successful new routines and continue to provide our program without interruption. Everyone is to be congratulated for adhering to our policies and procedures and for understanding that the safety of our students, employees and patients is our highest priority.

We can all be pleased that our protocols have successfully warded off any outbreaks of infection among students and employees and we have avoided any need to cancel classes or close any part of the building other than those ordered by the province at the start of the pandemic in 2020. We are continuing to provide many classes online, with the exception of those requiring hands-on learning.

This past year and a half has placed a particular emphasis on accreditation, in which we underwent comprehensive self-study processes, followed by site visits by external teams of experts. The Council on Chiropractic Education Canada (CCEC) conducted its comprehensive site visit in June. The outcomes were quite positive, and we are looking forward to receiving the final decision on our status next month.

We also undertook the step to seek initial accreditation by the CCE (US). That required an extensive self-study report addressing the US standards for accreditation and a site visit that has just concluded. Our goal is to address the trend towards international mobility of today’s graduates by increasing opportunities for them to spend a portion of their professional careers outside of Canada. Obtaining CCE (US) accreditation would open doors to all parts of the US to our graduates and would also increase CMCC’s ability to provide online continuing education on both sides of the border. We will receive an accreditation decision in early 2022.

In the meantime, we can all be proud of our scholarly activity. At the international Chiropractic Educators Research Forum conference earlier this year, five papers and workshops were presented by CMCC faculty members. At the World Federation of Chiropractic’s Biennial Congress this month, two papers and nine posters were authored by CMCC faculty members. Two of our presenters received WFC awards for their scholarly works. More than forty papers have been published in the scientific literature just over the past six months and CMCC has been awarded three research grants in that same period.

I look forward to seeing and getting to know many of you over the next several months at CMCC events, even if it has to be done virtually for a while longer.  Please stay safe and do your best to promote the health and emotional wellbeing of your colleagues and classmates.