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Students’ Council 2021-22

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First Name  Last Name  Position  Email  Brianna  Jarvin  President  Lauren  Ead  Vice President, Academic  Jennifer  O’Neill  Vice President, Student Life  Kalena  Noordegraaf  Treasurer  Kaitlyn  Jacklin  Secretary  Tyler  Morrow  Athletic Director  Joshua  Rodley  Athletic Director  Roslyn  Eng  Publicity Director   Adam  Blanchard  Yearbook Director  Alexander  Morihovitis  Yearbook Director  Erika  Caldwell  Social Director  Alan  Hetherington  Year IV Rep  Jensen  Currie  Year IV Rep  Morgan  Quick  Year III Rep  Gregory  MacMillan  Year III Rep  Alexandra  Sgro-DiGiosaffatte    Year…read more

Using the library

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Dear students, We wish you all a happy start to the academic year and have provided important updates on library hours and services for this year. Library Hours: Monday-Thursday: 7:30 a.m.-8 p.m.; Friday: 7:30 a.m.-6 p.m.; Saturday: 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Sunday closed. Booking study space: Study space reservation using the library’s RSVP calendar on KIRO is available to all current students on a ‘first-come, first-served basis. Space is currently limited to 59 seats, therefore during the week (Monday-Friday) priority will be given to those students who attend labs on campus…read more

You won’t want to miss this!

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Many of you know Jay Bowes as CMCC’s media technician, but did you know, he was also a talented musician? Here he shares his latest music video, with back up from his wife, Janelle, and children. Click into the post to reach the video link.

How are you managing home life?

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With restrictions in Toronto, and far too much familiarity with family and roommates, how will you make the holidays special this year or the winter more pleasant? There are only three of us in my family, so I have to be inventive. I’m tasking each of them to make one spectacular recipe each week in December. In case I am the only one participating, I’m doing a few small things for myself as well, such as growing sprouts and other veggies indoors, repainting parts of the house and clearing out…read more

CMCC’s DMS a virtual filing cabinet

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By Nauka Kumar While working online, it’s easy to miss the easy access to a filing cabinet, for a reference,  or a resource that needs to be checked. While one can bring a few files home, it’s hard to tell what might be needed. CMCC’s Document Management System (DMS) effectively solves that problem. offering a single, remote location from which you can easily store, access, retrieve and share information and documents. This is an easy to use, flexible system which facilitates the easy search for a single document from a…read more

Clinic Changeover!

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If you don’t have an intern yet, consider it now. Interns have just completed changeover and will be happy to see you at their new locations. Six of CMCC’s public clinics are now up and running and following strict protocols for safety as recommended by the Province of Ontario. We invite you to come in and feel better.  Share widely with the people you care about! Clinic locations Campus Clinic 6100 Leslie Street 416 482 2546 Bowmanville 222 King Street East, Bowmanville 905 419 2622 CMCC’s Clinic at Sherbourne Health…read more

Lest we forget

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Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s virtual Remembrance Day video. Dr. David Wickes introduced the video in which Students Corporal Cole Maranger and Reservist Able Seaman Leah Robinson, of the Royal Canadian Navy, spoke about the role of the Canadian Forces and shared their thoughts on the day. Also included was the CMCC Choir, which performed a beautiful rendition of Oh Canada, When Dawn Shines, and In Flander’s Fields – led by Jonathan Oosterhof. If you haven’t had the opportunity to watch the video, we invite you…read more

Transition to Doctor of Chiropractic

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First module completed! Congratulations everyone, for completing their first modules of 2020, during what sometimes feels like one long “Blursday.” Despite the strangeness of the year, we’re making progress. Interns in clinic are nearing the end of their first rotation and Year IIIs are that much closer to clinic. Just a few weeks ago the Year I students had their virtual transition to DC ceremony. In this event, Dr. David Wickes, CMCC President, Allison Dantas, CEO of the Canadian Chiropractic Association and Caroline Brereton, CEO of the Ontario Chiropractic Association…read more


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Thanks to the success of the Movember campaign which began with men growing a ‘stache to raise awareness of prostate and testicular cancers, November has become a month to spotlight men’s health. This year, Movember commissioned a study of 1430 Canadians on the impact of COVID-19. They found that men were less likely to seek help (49%) from family, friends or other sources as a means to helping them manage the impact of restrictions imposed by COVID-19, compared to women (58 %). The study also revealed that less than half of the…read more