Message from Dr. Christine Bradaric-Baus

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Welcome again, students, faculty and staff to the 2021-2022 academic year at CMCC.  I hope you were able to enjoy the warm weather (and continue to do so!) while practicing social distancing.

We continue to navigate through the restrictions created by the pandemic and remain committed to delivering our program to its rigorous standards.  We will ensure that your learning experience is challenging, and that it integrates evidence-based practice, foundational and clinical sciences.

A special welcome to the newest members of our community, the Class of 2025.  You are embarking on an educational journey that will combine remote instruction and in-person hands-on delivery.  The academic team has worked diligently all summer to enhance the virtual delivery of content, while creating rewarding and engaging online experiences. We are delighted to be able to offer our chiropractic technique (CT) and anatomy labs (AN) in-person, and are planning a gradual return to more in-person instruction when it is safe to do so.  

Our laboratories have been redesigned to respect physical distancing and disinfection practices.  These labs complement small group discussion and offer opportunities for reflection and the refinement of hands-on skills. The library is open to students through a sign-up process, with priority given to students with a long commute on weekdays, who may need study space while on campus between classes. The library team has enhanced its digital resources, and continues to curate and create library guides and resources to support evidence-based practice.

To students of Years II and III, your ability to adapt to this year’s course delivery is an example to those coming after you.  While we miss some of our normal in-person interaction, we have learned and made significant gains in online course delivery that I hope you find beneficial as you move through your program.

To our Class of 2022 interns who continue to demonstrate professionalism and an ability to adapt, as you begin treating patients in your first clinical rotations, you will also be incorporating protocols that support a safe and effective student/patient experience.

We understand that while treating patients during a pandemic you are also preparing to write Chiropractic Board Exams, and have no doubt that you will continue to ably demonstrate your skills and the knowledge that you have built during your three years with us.

CMCC residents, you have responsibilities as students, educators and chiropractors, and I wish you success in balancing these three important priorities.  Last year you played a pivotal role in the delivery of the DC program, and I, along with members of the entire CMCC community, look forward to your continued participation this year.

Our team of dedicated researchers continue their work  in areas such as inflammation in spinal pain syndromes, – Force Sensing Table Technology™ (FSTT®), and clinician and patient perceptions following spinal manipulation therapies. Researchers regularly participate as guest lectures or in small group discussions,  and also lead the Biomechanics Student Research Group.

To all students, CMCC is fortunate to have with us some of the brightest minds in chiropractic today. I urge you to embrace the opportunity to learn as much as you can through groups such as this.

Everyone, I look forward to meeting with you, virtually or in person over the course of the year, and working with the CMCC class representatives on the Undergraduate Academic Council to continually enhance our curriculum and student experience.