CMCC’s DMS a virtual filing cabinet

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By Nauka Kumar

While working online, it’s easy to miss the easy access to a filing cabinet, for a reference,  or a resource that needs to be checked. While one can bring a few files home, it’s hard to tell what might be needed. CMCC’s Document Management System (DMS) effectively solves that problem. offering a single, remote location from which you can easily store, access, retrieve and share information and documents.

This is an easy to use, flexible system which facilitates the easy search for a single document from a large number of files and folders by merely typing a few keywords. Once the document is retrieved, it can be searched for a particular reference –  a date, a name, again with just some keywords.

This easy retrieval is made possible by Optical Character Recognition (OCR), a technology that enables conversion of different types of documents like images and scanned paper documents into editable and searchable text.

Not restricted to merely storing and retrieving documents, one can work interactively on it too. Documents can be edited, additions or deletions made, without leaving the DMS. Need the old versions for reference? They can be easily accessed via ‘version history’.

While the DMS can be accessed by all, to maintain confidentiality and privacy, permissions are set for users to determine who is allowed to access content. Permissions can be set for viewing of a single document or an entire folder.

The CMCC Library, along with its vast archives, actively uses DMS to maintain numerous historical documents, photographs, old newspapers and yearbooks, which are accessible by name, year or by browsing.  A huge repertoire of chiropractic history can be easily located and retrieved from the library archives and DMS.

Whether you create a new document, retrieve one for reference, amend an existing one, or browse, the DMS is accessible with any browser from anywhere, at anytime, thereby eliminating the need for paper documents, not always easily accessed.