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We’ve slipped up

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  Please put recycling, garbage and food waste in their proper places. CMCC’s diversion rate (our ability to divert waste from the landfill) has gone down.  We want to see it go up. We can do that by ensuring we keep our streams clean – separating recyclables from compostables and garbage, and insuring none are contaminated with waste from the other streams. While we have seen improvement in the Lecture Halls (well done!), there has been an increase in recyclables and food waste going to the landfills in the following…read more

Greener snow melt

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  Did you know that the salt that keeps us from slipping on ice in the winter is highly toxic to plants and animals, including ourselves? Not only does it kill trees and burn the pads of dogs, it gets into our groundwater and kills aquatic life.  Even more serious, rock salt burns when it contacts skin and can cause respiratory tract irritation when inhaled. Repeated exposure has been known to be fatal to humans and more commonly, pets who lick their paws, directly ingest sodium chloride and potassium chloride…read more

Electronic recycling

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 Staying green with electronic recycling Do you have old computers and cell phones that that need recycling? Bring them to the Physical Facilities office on the 3rd floor or to Shannon Clark in Marketing Communications across from the cafeteria and we will recycle them for you. As always, used batteries can be left in the box in the stairwell between the Division of Undergraduate and Clinic, in the area by the Diabetes clothing donation box. CMCC Green bins – a reminder Thank you to everyone who is using the green…read more

Sustainability at CMCC

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CMCC is proud of its comprehensive recycling program with bins for paper; containers, including clean yogurt and fruit cups, glass bottles, plastic bottles and tins; and new this year: organics! Please join us and help reduce waste by re-using and recycling. If you have any further suggestions for how we can improve our waste reduction or be more environmentally friendly, please contact Shannon at Through paper recycling alone, we have collectively saved  over 40.366 trees this past year. To view CMCC’s recycling video, visit Kiro, under helpful links or…read more

Diabetes Canada drop box program

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Need to organize your closet? CMCC is participating in the Diabetes Canada drop box program, with a box at the bottom of the stairs between clinic and the Undergraduate area. The drop box is part of CMCC’s sustainability program and will remain on campus for our use, with Diabetes Canada regularly collecting its content to redistribute its contents. Reduce, re-use, recycle!

Going green at CMCC

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As part of CMCC’s mandate to demonstrate and encourage sustainability through our recycling program and green building initiatives, the institution will participate in the in the 2017 UI GreenMetric World University Rankings which has ranked universities in sustainability issues since 2010. The process involves documenting all areas of the building and grounds in terms of their impact on the environment and will help CMCC to assess its current plans and practices.

Help CMCC go greener!

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Do you know that Canada’s landfills are reaching capacity? That they produce more than 25 % of Canada’s methane emissions? CMCC is working hard to reduce its environmental impact both through increased energy efficiency and a greater diversion rate. Our recyclable capture rate (the percentage of recyclables that have been captured out of the trash system) increased by 31 % between 2016 and 2017 (growing from 56 %  in 2016 to 87 % in 2017). Our goal is 100% diversion and to encourage staff and students to set an example…read more

Recycling at CMCC

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We are excited to let you know that CMCC has improved its recyclable capture rate (the percentage of recyclables that have been captured out of the trash system) from 56 per cent in 2016 to 87 per cent in 2017. We fell short in areas such as lecture hall one and clinic, and in the executive offices, where meetings are often held, generating paper and food waste. However, we have improved in many other areas of the building and will work on further initiatives with the start of the academic…read more

Office recycle bins are for paper only!

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Please remember that our in-office recycle bins are for office paper only. Cans, bottles and other recyclables mixed with the paper are considered contaminates and make it impossible to recycle because once wet it can no longer be sorted. Thank you to everyone for doing their part. If you have any suggestions about improving our program, please contact


Help CMCC go greener

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Do you know that Canada’s landfills are reaching capacity? That they produce more than 25 % of Canada’s methane emissions? Please help us to be better environmental stewards. As part of an initiative to encourage greater recycling and environmental stewardship, CMCC has added a new recycling station in the cafeteria, with another to come on the 100 level. These are in addition to the six existing stations (outside the lecture halls, outside CCPA Hall and on the lower level by the doors). In each of these stations, you can recycle paper…read more